Weight Loss – Ginny Goldman hypnotized me to lose weight and it worked. After 2 hypnosis sessions, over the course of 3 months, I lost 24 pounds.

Fred Schwartz, Boca Raton, FL.

Quit Smoking

I was afraid to quit smoking because I thought I would become extremely agitated and mean spirited without cigarettes. After two hypnosis sessions with Ginny Goldman, I quit and it was effortless. I have been smoke free for over a year and a half. I would highly recommend the New Age Center For Hypnosis and Ginny Goldman to quit smoking or for help with any other issues.

Laurie Scher, Boca Raton, FL

Past Life Regression

How do I sum up what I experienced in my past life regression? Amazing! Simply amazing. I had never been hypnotized before, but Ginny Goldman easily made me feel comfortable and at home.  I cannot explain how this will change your life in a deep and powerful way. I can, however, say truthfully that as frugal mom, who researches where every dime is spent, this was the best $250.00 I have ever spent. The insight I received on current relationships that have karmic pasts was priceless. If you find yourself wondering if you should do this, trust me, DO IT! Thank you again Ginny for your kindness and for sharing your gift!

Brandy Franklin, Deerfield Beach, FL

Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction

I was interested in being hypnotized for deep relaxation and stress reduction. I have known Ginny Goldman as a neighbor and a friend, so I immediately trusted her to hypnotize me and was willing to follow her directions. Ginny completely relaxed me, both mentally and physically, with her hypnotic tone of voice that I found very soothing. I became extremely relaxed, the most relaxed state I can ever recall being in, which literally felt like “walking on air” as I had no cares at all. After the hypnosis session, the deep relaxation lingered for some time and it felt as if I had been away on vacation. I would definitely undergo hypnosis with Ginny Goldman again and recommend her to anyone who wants to experience deep relaxation and stress reduction.

Diana Arboleda, Delray Beach, FL

Past Life Regression

I was never hypnotized before coming to the New Age Center For Hypnosis. I very much wanted to experience a past life regression and trusted Ginny Goldman to be my hypnotist. I became completely relaxed, mentally and physically, as a result of the hypnotic induction used by Ginny. Initially, I was not deep enough to go to a past life, so Ginny very ably deepened my trance level, at which time I was able to enter into a past life. I was a man in my prior life and had been a soldier in the Civil War. From this past life, I learned not to be so hard on myself. I spoke to my past self during the regression and I was told those words. I am trying to incorporate those directions in my life now and have found that since the past life regression, I am easier on myself when I do not live up to my own expectations. I truly enjoyed and obtained great benefit from my past life regression. I am excited about my next past life regression session with Ginny and definitely recommend the experience to anyone who wants or needs to know.

Wendi Weisman, Boca Raton, FL

Past Life Regression

Dear Ginny, thank you so much for the opportunity to experience my past life regression through hypnosis. I found it very interesting and informative, finding out about my past life. Would I do this again? Oh yes! It made me believe about situations in my past life and how they affect me now. Again thank you, we WILL do this again!

Karen Ireland, Boca Raton, FL

Past Life Regression

Dear Ginny: I have been hypnotized before, but never experienced a past life regression. My instinct kicked in the minute we met. I knew I could trust you to be my guide through this very private session. It began almost instantly as we zipped into the 1800′s. I knew you were my guide, but I led the trip. I learned exactly why I live this life as I do. It was your aura that allowed me to open the window into a past life. This has been one of the most satisfying experiences. Thank you.

Caroline Ornstein, Delray Beach, FL

Skin Irritation

I was suffering from a severe skin rash and itching all over my body. The itching was so bad that sometimes I would scratch myself till I bled. During an eight month period, I went to 3 different Dermatologists, who all did blood work, biopsies and other medical tests to determine what was causing my skin irritation. All of the tests came back negative for any medically recognized disease or illness. I was completely at a loss as to what I could do to stop the skin rash and itching. I was taking prednisone daily and applying topical cortisone cream to my skin to relieve the itching.

At the New Age Center For Hypnosis, Ginny Goldman, a Certified Hypnotist, induced me into hypnosis, a very deep relaxed state, and I was able to accept the suggestions she gave me regarding my skin irritation and the stress that was causing it. She also taught me how to do self-hypnosis, to use after the session, if my skin started itching and irritating me.

After the hypnosis session, I did not have any itching or rashes at all. The skin condition did not go away completely for a couple of months after the session. However, by doing the self-hypnosis, whenever my skin started itching or felt irritated, I was able to calm myself, reduce my stress and the itching and irritation went away. Shortly after the hypnosis session, I stopped taking medications and no longer needed to see the Dermatologist. It is now a year and half since the hypnosis session and I continue to remain free of any skin irritation. I am very grateful to Ginny Goldman, the Certified Hypnotist at the New Age Center For Hypnosis in Boca Raton, FL, for helping me overcome my skin condition so successfully.

Denise Zunenshine, Montreal, Canada

Biting Nails

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know how much my one hypnosis session with you helped me stop chewing my finger nails. After only one session, I stopped chewing altogether. I still pick at my nails from time to time; however, I never chew. I am always aware when my hands are headed toward my mouth, which reminds me that I should file my nails. Thank you again for all of your help.


John Moran, Boca Raton, FL