What is hypnosis?

For a complete discussion of hypnosis, please visit the About Hypnosis page on the website.

Where is the New Age Center For Hypnosis located?

For directions to the New Age Center For Hypnosis, please visit the Directionspage on the website.

Who is the hypnotist?

To read all about the hypnotist, Ginny L. Goldman, please visit the About Hypnotist page on the website.

How long is a hypnosis session?

It is recommended that your first session be scheduled for ninety minutes as the first session will always be longer since there will be intake, discussion of the client’s issues and suggestibility testing to determine the appropriate method of induction to be used. After the first session, sessions are usually one hour.

How many sessions are required?

Depending upon the nature, severity and duration of your problem or issue, you may need several sessions to realize the benefits from hypnosis. It is for this reason, that three and five session packages are offered to encourage the client to commit to do the necessary work while providing a reduction in the total fee which would otherwise be incurred if sessions were booked separately.

Are tapes, videos or music used during the session?

No tapes, videos or music are used during the session.

Will I be able to drive after the hypnosis session is over?

Yes. Although you may feel very relaxed and calm after emerging from hypnosis, you will also feel alert and will be able to engage in your usual activities.

When will the hypnosis start to work?

You may become hypnotized within a period of a few minutes through a rapid induction or it may take about 20 minutes through a progressive relaxation induction. If a client is unable to reach the necessary depth to accomplish the objective of the hypnosis session, deepening will require additional time and the amount of time will depend upon the individual client. In some cases, the client will not be able to reach the necessary depth in the first session and will require additional sessions, as the more one undergoes hypnosis, the easier it becomes to induce hypnosis.

How many sessions before I can achieve deep trance?

It can be one or more sessions, depending upon the individual and their motivation and inclination to become hypnotized. At the New Age Center For Hypnosis, the goal is to bring the client to the level of depth they need to be at to accomplish the given objective of the client.

Will I be able to experience a past life regression in the first session?

You should be able to during the ninety minute session, which takes into account the additional time needed to induce the trance depth necessary to regress to a past life. The hypnotist, Ginny L. Goldman, received a Certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists in past life regression hypnosis and has a very good success rate regressing others to past lives. Keep in mind, you will need your soul’s permission to experience a past life regression.

Are sessions taped?

Tapes are only made during the past life regression hypnosis sessions for the client to keep.

Can tapes be purchased for use at home?

Tape recordings can be purchased that are tailor made for the client as they address the individual issues, problems and objectives of the client and are designed to further aid the client between and after hypnosis sessions.

Is self-hypnosis taught at the New Age Center For Hypnosis?

Yes and clients who sign up for a minimum of three sessions to work on their issue, problem, objective or goal, will receive self-hypnosis instruction and scripts to work on at home included in the total fee.

Are group hypnosis sessions offered?

Small group sessions of 5 or less people are now scheduled for January and February for weight loss, to quit smoking and for deep relaxation and stress reduction. For dates and times, please visit the Group Sessions page on the website.

Is hypnosis by webcam available and how does it work?

Hypnosis by webcam is available at the New Age Center For Hypnosis. It works the same way as a regular hypnosis session but it is done via webcam through the computer. You can contact us directly or use the automatic scheduling on the website to set up an appointment. Payment in advance of the session is required.

What form of payments are accepted, i.e. credit cards, checks, etc.?

Currently, all payments must be made by check or in cash. Payment by credit card will be available soon.

How can I cancel an appointment previously scheduled?

Contact us at the New Age Center For Hypnosis, by phone or email, to cancel your appointment.

When do I need a referral from my doctor, dentist, psychologist, chiropractor or other licensed healing arts professional?

In the State of Florida, where the New Age Center For Hypnosis is located, a referral from a licensed practitioner in the healing arts, such as a physician, dentist, psychologist, psychiatrist, chiropractor or optometrist, is required when hypnosis is being used for therapeutic purposes. If you want to undergo hypnosis for a therapeutic purpose, i.e. to cure a disease, illness or other medical condition, a referral would be required from the licensed healing arts practitioner who is treating you for the disease, illness or other medical condition. For any questions about this topic, please contact the New Age Center For Hypnosis by telephone or email.